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Winery Tour

Marufuji Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Katsunuma, the heart of Japanese winemaking. The estate has been owned by the Omura family for over four generations and is rich with history. Please come and visit us!

It’s a great chance not only to sample our wine and experience the history of Japanese winemaking, but also see it in action.

Highlights of Winery Visit

  1. Our tasting room, styled after a European hideaway. Both the table and glass shelf are made from staves from a large oak cast.
    We use this room for meetings and lectures.
  2. Our underground warehouse. Every April it turns into a concert hall for Kuracon.
  3. Our gallery, where we display our history. It includes labels from prewar times as well as other interesting historical pieces.
  4. Maturing wine in oak barrels adds complexity and roundness.
    All the barrels in this area are in use.
  5. This wine cellar used to be our fermenting and maturation tanks.
    Now, crystals shine on the walls and the door’s stained glass window.
  6. Our backyard vineyard.
    It turns into the main site for Kuracon every April.
  7. Our bottling line.
    This is where you can see how we bottle our wines!
  8. Our tanks.
    This is where our wine ferments and matures.
    We have modern tanks as well as glass-lined tanks from Japan’s Showa era.
  9. Our shop is modelled after a standing bar, where you can stop by for wine tasting.
    You may find a favorite label!
Opening Hours
  • 9:00-16:30: winery visit, wine tasting, and sales.
  • open everyday except New Year's holiday week
Winery Visit
  • winery tour start from 10:30~ and 14:00~
    tour time will take approximately 15 of charge.(Japanese version only)
Wine Tasting
  • 500Yen for 5 glasses of our regular wines.
  • With additional fee, 1 or 2 premium wines you can taste on weekends, also during high season.
Wine Shop
  • You can taste and purchase our wines at the shop. Feel free to ask our staff.
  • Parking is available for 15 standard vehicles.
Large Group Visit
  • Please make a reservation before visiting with groups of more than 10.
    If you want to reserve a tour and tasting for a group, please contact us with our inquiry form.
  • Depending on your request (number of people, date and time, budget) we will consider how best to accommodate you.


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