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Winery Concert

What is Kuracon?

Kuracon is an event that brings wine lovers together through music and wine. Held in our beautiful pergola-trellised vineyard every April, guests can enjoy a wine party surrounded by a majestic view of peach blossoms covering the Kofu plateau in vivid pink. It’s great scenery, conversation, and music with a glass of wine in hand.

After hearing about “Tokyo Ekicon”, which held a concert in the Tokyo Station, we decided to hold a similar event of our own to celebrate Japanese wine. Kuracon was born in 1988 as a simple, friendly concert and wine tasting party.

Since then it has become our most important and joyful event. We’ve met so many wonderful people over the years and feel very fortunate to share our passion for wine as well as our winery’s beautiful location with them.

What Kind of Event is Kuracon?

It’s a personal, friendly event where guests enjoy unique artists and their love of wine. It begins with a wine tasting party in our backyard vineyard. Under the gentle spring sun, the prior year’s wines are served up with a light meal.

Things then move to the warehouse for the concert. Surrounded by our wine, it’s a fun and intimate event. We welcome unique artists with different styles of music every year.

おかわり自由!前年の新酒ワインを軽いおつまみとともに… 裏畑でピクニック気分のワインパーティ♪ 第2回ワイナリーコンサートは、故:尾崎紀世彦さん 

Kuracon, the Rubaiyat Winery Concert

Genre: Jazz, Pop, Classic, Chamson, etc.
Date: Every April, specific dates and times TBA
Venue: Part 1: in front of the winery and in the vineyard
Part 2: our wine warehouse
Capacity: About 200 seats
Announcements: The date will be announced on our homepage in early March

The History of the Rubaiyat Winery Concert

No.1: 4-10-1988
Genre: Chamson Performers: Yumi Mizuori
No.2: 4-9-1989
Genre: Country Music Performers: Kiyohiko Ozaki
No.3: 4-15-1990
Genre: Classic, Easy Listening Performers: Toshiko Naito
No.4: 4-7-1991
Genre: Classic (Baroque Music) Performers: Fusako Yamauchi, Masafumi Matsuoka, Hiroshi Fukuzawa, Satoshi Watanabe
No.5: 4-12-1992
Genre: Classic Performers: Satoko Ogawa, Yoshinobu Hara
No.6: 4-11-1993
Genre: Non Genre Performers: Mountain Papa Yatsugatake
No.7: 4-10-1994
Genre: Jazz Performers: Yoshiko Goto and BREEZE
No.8: 4-16-1995
Genre: Pop Performers: coba (Yasuhiro Kobayashi)
No.9: 4-14-1996
Genre: Pop Performers: JADRANKA
No.10 (10th Anniversary): 4-13-1997
Genre: Hawaiian Music Performers: Kiyohiko Ozaki, Elua Echoes, Junko Tamura
No.11: 4-11-1998
Genre: Chamson Performers: Yumi Mizuori, Mitsuru Imai, Tetsuya Kuwayama
No.12: 4-11-1999
Genre: Pop Performers: EPO (Eiko Sato)
No.13: 4-16-2000
Genre: Classic Performers: Tomoko Hasegawa, Yoshiki Nose
No.14: 4-14-2001
Genre: Pop Performers: Junko Yamamoto, Chuei Yoshikawa
No.15: 4-6-2002
Genre: Pop Performers: Machiko Watanabe, Brush and Picks
No.16: 4-12-2003
Genre: Folklore Performers: MAYA
No.17: 4-17-2004
Genre: Pop Performers: Hitoshi Komuro
No.18: 4-16-2005
Genre: Pop Performers: Kiyoshi Hasegawa
No.19: 4-15-2006
Genre: Tango Argentino Performers: Kimiyo Ogawa
No.20: 4-14-2007
Genre: Pop Performers: coba (Yasuhiro Kobayashi)
No.21: 4-12-2008
Genre: Non Genre Performers: Shizuru Ohtaka, Koich Makigami
No.22: 4-11-2009
Genre: Classic Performers: Takako Hagiwara, Kyoko Oyama
No.23: 4-11-2010
Genre: Pop Performers: EPO (Eiko Sata), Shigeharu Sasago
No.24: 4-9-2011(interrupted due to Great East Japan Earthquake)
Genre: Bossa nova Performers: Lisa Ono
No.24: 4-14-2012
Genre: Bossa nova Performers: Lisa Ono
No.25: 4-13-2013
Genre: Classic Performers: Hayato Oki, Mao Morita, Gohei Kohashi, Hatsumi Shimizu, Keiko Iwata
No.26: 4-12-2014
Genre: Jazz Performers: Carol Yamazaki, Naoki Kitajima Trio
No.27: 4-11-2015
Genre: Country & Western Performers: Henry Yaita & Far East Westerners
No.28: 4-9-2016
Genre: Pop Performers: Tierra Cuatro
No.29: 4-15-2017
Genre: Pop Performers: Kyogo Kawaguchi, Yoshiaki Muto
No.30: 4-14-2018
Genre: Pop Performers: coba(Yasuhiro kobayashi)
No.31: 4-13-2019
Genre: Pop Performers: Hiroko Miyano, noon, Harutoshi Ito
No.32: 4-11-2020(interrupted due to COVID-19)
Genre: Pop Performers: Yucca

*Special Event: 7-16-1995
Rainer Honeck Violin Recital
Genre: Classic Performers: Rainer Honeck(Vn.)
Eiko Morishima(Pf.)
Program: Fantaisie sur Carmen(Sarasate)
Liebesfreud , Liebesleid(Kreisler)
*A special Hanshin Awaji Earthquake charity concert

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